Colletti Design - Helping Architects, Designers, Builders and Homeowners Create Their Dreams, Since 1995!

When was the last time you looked at decorative steel and glass doors and windows and saw a commitment to excellence, a passion for quality and a thirst for innovation? It all depends on the last time you set your eyes on a Colletti Design masterpiece. Colletti Design is the oldest and most seasoned iron and glass door company in the Phoenix metropolitan area with more than 23 years of experience at producing handcrafted iron doors, steel and glass doors and windows, driveway gates and iron railings and more. The company’s hallmarks are its dedication to design, innovation, engineering and above all else, quality and service. The artisans at Colletti Design create handcrafted iron doors, steel windows, steel doors, and all architectural metal work from the treasury of great designs in their collection over 23 years aged. They appeal to every architectural style including the timeless Contemporary, Mediterranean, Old World, Spanish and Santa Barbara. And they do it while honoring the company’s commitment to quality, designing and engineering their products using metals including mild steel stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and brass. Architects, builders, developers and savvy homeowners choose us because they know we are committed to creating works of art that meet their demands.

Colletti Design’s products come to life using the company’s computer-aided drafting technology and high-tech steel fabricating equipment. For the ultra discriminating client who wants a custom design like no other, we will custom draw your design, making your dreams come to life. Working with our incredibly talented artists is often the most fun and rewarding part of the project for designers and homeowners.

Every step of the creation process is articulated by skilled craftsmen, who have years of experience in creating the ultimate iron doors, windows and architectural metal work. To bring the designs to life, Colletti Design employs a team of artists including hand-faux finishing artists to add warmth and give a charming appeal and dimension to the masterpiece at hand.

In addition to Colletti Design’s finishing artists, we partner with local glass artists who will custom mold and melt gorgeous colored glass with deep textures and various patterns of any design. If the standard glass offerings in the industry do not give your entry door the “life” and charm you are looking for, this is an amazing option.

Our portfolio includes more than 300 designs for our customers to choose from, and our designs find their way into homes that run the gamut from $400,000 semi-customs to multi multi-million dollar estates nationwide.

As with all fine products, the quality is in the details. Colletti Design spares no expense to do it right, purchasing the highest quality material – from USA hardware and steel, to finishes and glass using and supporting nearly all local companies.  Colletti Design doors feature our proprietary handmade solid forged iron door pulls with weight, mass and charming design characteristics to them. All products are sandblasted thoroughly and powder-coated for the highest level of finish durability. The door preparation and sand blasting is a critical step in the proper adhesion of the finish and its durability and longevity. We regret to state that many companies short this step in an effort to save money. While one cannot tell at the onset whether a door as been properly prepped and sandblasted, in a short matter of time, the finish will peel in sheets due to improper finish adhesion.  We attest, do it right the first time and sleep right at night! In final, the company’s team of faux-finishing artists add warmth to the designs and finishes. All of this takes time and requires more skill and concern, and it delivers the level of craftsmanship the company demands and our clients deserve. We look forward to designing, fabricating and serving you.