Door Construction

We use american made quality stocks for our doors. Our door thickness is 2" (many other doors are 1-1/2") This gives a much more substantial feel and appearance. Scrollwork and designs are made of solid wrought iron stock. Many other doors use tubing or cast aluminum, these materials have no place in a premium iron entry door. All Colletti doors are fully welded 100% steel. All welds are ground and finished smooth. The use of fillers, i.e bondo has been the norm for many iron doors on the market. Fillers are used to cover up improper welding and grinding. After a while areas with these fillers will crack due to the different expansion rates of the door and the filler material. Absolutely no fillers are used in the building of a Colletti premium iron entry.


All of our premium iron entries have an industrial powdercoat finish. This finish is baked on in a 450 degree oven, providing a durable and long lasting basecoat. Some choose to stay with this rich satin black finish, while a majority of others opt for one of our hand applied faux finishes, for which our powdercoat basecoat provides the perfect foundation.

Swing Out Glass

Our entry doors incorporate a separate swing out unit which houses the glass. This provides easy access to the exterior glass for cleaning. One of the benefits of our 2" door thickness is that it allows us to have a flush fitting swing out glass panel. Having the glass panel fit flush gives our door a cleaner appearance on the interior side. As for latching, we use small threaded solid iron knobs. These are not not only secure, but provide for a better appearance than standard latches.


The designs we offer are created to have an elegant appearance. We strive to make our designs proportioned and attuned to every door shape and size. This attention to design detail assures a great looking entry door.